Sunday, March 2, 2008

Women's week program**********

8.03 till 22.03 : Mixed media exhibition from Women/Lesbian/Trans* house project Liebig34 collective live music and volku from 18h

8.03- 19h (in Infoladen Daneben (Liebigstr 34)
Feminismus hat Geschichte! Unsere Veranstaltung wird sich in drei Blocke unterteilen
1. Block: die Entstehung kultureller Abgrenzung offenttlicher und privater Sphare
2. Block: Feministiche Agitation und Theorie bis 1968:
3. Block: Feministiche theorien der Gegenwart

9.03______________19h: Press Conference/Performance/ Farce from supporters of Liebig 34 house project

10.03_________17h-22h: Body Experience workshop for women only: Massage-Wohl-Fühl-Nachmittag to collectively learn the basic techniques of oil massage and to experiment with our intuition and use of the senses. Bring a warm blanket and leg socks. Places limited to c12 women so please call in advance to book a place. Ph. 0152-03835493,

11.03___________Documentary in English: Folowing Irish Feminist Punk Group 'Party Weirdo' on tour through Poland

12.03_____________19h: Speaker: Sian Evans from the Global Womens Strike
Sian is a veteran of the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp. She has been organising since the 80s with the Wages for Housework Campaign which coordinates the Global Women's Strike. The Strike aims to win economic and social recognition for unwaged caring work and to demand the return of military budgets to the community, starting with women, the first carers everywhere.

18h: Film: Journey with the Revolution - A Global Women's Strike production by Finn Arden + Nina Lopez (Spanish and English with English subtitles) This is a journey into the heart of the Venezuelan revolution. Meet the midwives, nurses, doctors, housewives, teachers, gay and disability activists who are transforming Venezuela. Visit health clinics, soup kitchens, land committees education and micro credit programmes....

13.03-----------------19h Open Mic night hosted by Phiasko and Michele

14.03__________18.30h: Documentary (in English),
'The future of Feminism' by Cara Holmes; A documentary shot around Ireland, Berlin and Copenhagen. An introduction to the concepts of feminism, how people perceive feminism today and why it is essential that feminism continues to exist in our consumer driven societies. The film was shot in the different areas noted above in order to get an overview of thoughts and feelings about feminism across Europe
19.30h: Open discussion on Feminism. Where is it going? This will encompass discussion on feminism in both western and non western countries.

16.03____20h !!IN XB, Liebig 34, LIEBIG STR!!: Documentary (Swedish w. English subtitles) Hit Music: The rhythm of the revolutionary. Technology and a faster moving world has created new possibilities to get your voice and opinions out there. This film is a story about musics power to change things, about how there is a lot more to music than the X Factor, a world where you can succeed by doing your own thing and staying true to your own ideals.

17&18 .03: 19-21h Women's Aikido Workshop hosted by Lisa Kimiko Kludt

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